Message for March 2015

With the profound energy of this full moon, we are unraveling, unfolding and expanding more and more as we set our intention to release all that we are not, to be all that we are.  This is also a “day of miracles,” representing, in one day, the full spectrum of possibilities, as we address  areas in our lives where we have not fully honored ourselves and our heart’s desire to be free of the old programming and duality, as well as allow for some major breakthroughs, which also epitomizes this past month.  The ongoing contraction and expansion continues and this month is purported to be one of power, as we explore all beliefs, experiences and need for boundaries, bringing greater balance and union within.

The very nature of the full moon provides us with yet another opportunity to clear away whatever remains in our energy field that does not serve us.  Aware as many are that that which we have named, sibling rivalry is at the core of all unrest on the planet, of late, I have had more opportunity to delve deeper in the rich textures and layers that entails our experience in these human bodies.  Issues related to self-worth, feeling less than, and deficient or lacking, all running through our ancestral lineages, imprinting us with beliefs that are now surfacing for our review and release back to Infinite Source.  It occurs to me that this is why the term, unraveling, is so appropriate, for it is all related and interwoven as part of our dance.  

In one of my recent conversations with Mother Mary, I shared my observation of others “going for it” while I seemingly remain in the shadows, wishing to be of greater service.  This has been an old issue for me and many others throughout lifetimes of administering and serving others.  Of course, the greater truth is that our very presence as we embrace our beingness, is all that is ever needed or required.  As many times as I have sat and felt the truth of this, feeling an all abiding peace, nonetheless, the old conditioned mind patterns persist. We are not our thoughts  and, ever reminded that if they are not uplifting or inspiring, to simply give them wings and let them go.  The greater truth is that, “when we allow our awareness to surface without attachment to our experience, grace meets us on our awakened path, and our habitual thoughts become the servants of our awareness.” This has been my mantra for several years, assisting then and now.  As we come closer to fully embodying our Christed selves, the more active that part of self that is showing us where we are needing to choose again what we wish to believe and simply bask in our self-love and trust.   

With that said and knowing that there is no “other” I trust that if something assists me, it will also serve others.  As always, I share my conversation with Mother Mary and others, reminding you that if this resonates with you, it is your truth as well.     

MM:  Beloved, this is a lynch pin for you and for many others, for service in the old way does not serve you and the fulfillment of your heart’s desire to shine your light and fulfill your destiny.  You have contemplated this deeply and know that this is not about receiving recognition from others but rather feeling the satisfaction, contentment and joy within, knowing that you are home within your own heart and, without need for anyone or anything outside of you.  This requires that you continue to go within for your own answers and tap into your own knowing, remembering that this time has little to do with one’s ability to maneuver in the outer world and everything to do with owning your divinity.  Living truths that you have already taken into your heart, you are able to embrace the beauty and timeliness of learning to fly solo.

Your path is to fully and completely unveil the illusion that you have taken on that others somehow have something that you do not.  This is far from the truth.  Even your dear companions look to you because they observe and see your strength and your integrity.  That you have not fully embraced this as your truth is before you and is something that you must do for yourself.

There is no failure, beloved.  You have not failed but rather gone deeper into the trenches, as it were, to experience the depths of illusion.  Thereby, you have an understanding of the madness and are more able to relate to those women, in particular, who have beautiful hearts but who have not loved or valued themselves in a way that frees them to be all that they are, bringing forth their gifts, which have not always been honored or appreciated.  The new reality that is being birthed by all who are aligning with a greater truth are thirsting for these gifts. For as you have observed with your granddaughters, what is being promoted and offered in the outer world is a far cry from that which will sustain all of life on this planet through the changes.  The solid foundation that is required is self-love trust, faith and pure joy.  When you fully acknowledge that you are and have ever been all that you require, stepping into the outer world is a piece of cake.  There are no props needed, no understanding of the technologies which are holding so many hostage, and no need to look to others whom you have perceived to have greater knowing. 

To walk the Earth as a living master requires that you trust in yourself and ask in every moment for the truth that shall set you free and supports your path.  The greatest truth is that you are and have ever been one with the Christ and with the holy mother.  Holy meaning that wholeness is your birthright.  And any and all notion that you have adopted from others who have so little understanding of the truth, is and was ever false. 

Remaining in the sanctuary within your heart will assist you greatly.  And yes, you are now understanding the importance of writing your entire story…leaving nothing out, for this is for you, first and foremost.  Every nuance, every time you have questioned yourself and fallen victim…yes, unearthing that belief, for therein lies your greatest gift.  You know that you cannot be empowered and, at the same time, view yourself as a victim.  Though you have done much inner work, you continue to entertain thoughts that others have something that you do not.  Beneath those thoughts and feelings is a belief that you have been short changed and thus, a victim of the circumstances in your life.  This cannot be farther from the truth.  And this requires some tweaking, as you go deeper within to reveal more of your own treasure trove of gifts.  How else could you ever possibly hope to regain your full stature as a being of love.

So, yes, Sahaday (from the Council of Love) and others are ever by your side, but it is up to you to find the courage to go deeper into your pain, once and for all and choose again what you wish to believe about yourself, freeing you forever more to simply be all that you are.

J:  And what of this ever expanding awareness that those in the hierarchy…those we have come to know as the Masters, who are our true brothers and sisters in the light, have, at times, had their own agenda? I so honor you and your journey, feeling our oneness, and wish to understand more fully.

MM:  As you regain all knowing, you have greater access and understanding of the game that has been played.  We each have our own perception of life, as do you on Earth.  The more expanded our consciousness, the greater responsibility we have to Source and all that is and, this applies to you as well.  There are those who, through their own perception may seem to have strayed from the knowing that all of life is precious, worthy and equal and, this is but another opportunity for you to use discernment.  Some have simply been experimenting and growing and, thereby, have expanded consciousness and the limitless possibilities for experience.  

J: After all of my years, communing with my Pleiadian and Arcturian families, I am aware that there are many who still have misgivings about ET’s, and rightly so, for it is imperative that we be discerning as to who we engage with.  It is my desire to be a bridge, assisting with sharing information and creating openings for more dialogue with our Family of Light, both from other planets and star systems as well as those who have no form, as we continue to raise our vibration and pursue this next phase of our journey. 

Knowing what a pivotal time this is on the Earth, with disclosure seemingly at hand, I am asking Marovia and Moldivar to share whatever  message you might wish.  

Kala:  Beloved, it is I your mother, Kala, (Pleiadian who resides on the mother ship, Islahan) and we are pleased that you are open to our sharing, for as you have spoken, this is pivotal time for all who reside on and within the Earth.  Much that you have been reading is, as you have learned, one version of the truth, revealing much that is pertinent to your awakening more fully to who you are and why you came here.  You have taken on much that is not yours and that includes projections from others, which has confused your understanding of your strength and ability to inspire others to shake off the layers of false programming and return to their divine knowing of what is. Those who chose to come to this planet to learn lessons are feeling more than overwhelmed and are in need of assistance.  The fight to conquer and destroy is pronounced, as marauders continue to wield their energy that is of fear.  We, your Family of Light, feel great love and honor for this planet and are doing our best to abide by the laws of free will and yet, are ever aware of the non-compliance with Universal Law by those who have their own agenda, as we keep their diabolical plan at bay.  This requires that we remain steadfast and pursue whatever means are available to assist those of you who are our ground crew to take back your power, fully and completely.  You are viewing many more stepping up to the plate and boldly sharing the truth.  This is and has always been your forte, no matter whether it be in your biological family or with those who are projecting that which is not the truth, requiring the voice of divinity to resound through the ethers, imprinting new truth within the hearts of humanity.  You have full capability of rising to your full stature and are now feeling this in your bones and, yes, the blood running through your veins which is of Divine Mother.  (I trust that this pertains to many now who are finding the courage to speak truth with loved ones and others, as you are guided.)

Moving deeper into the trenches, you seemingly lost your way and are now being asked to acknowledge that whatever you may have perceived as a misstep, was but another experience contributing to your understanding, and embrace the greater truth that now is all there is. 

J:  As always, I appreciate your love and support and am grateful for your assistance. Is there anything else that you wish to share as I prepare to reconvene with my writing?

Marovia (The name of the collective of beings on the Islahan):  We are now aligning our energies with yours as a collective and as true collaborators, for this is our strength and, as we designed this time to be.  The challenges on the Earth are growing in intensity as those who have been pulling the strings for so long feel their grip on humanity diminishing.  This is creating greater fear within them, which is what they feed on and are desiring to perpetuate.  Yet, because there are many who are now choosing to detach more and more…those of you who are raising your vibration and taking stock of the situation, ever holding a vision for New Earth, which is of love, peace, joy and the fulfillment of the divine plan for this beloved planet, things are shifting rapidly.  The implosion of time is accelerating and, as you and others remain steadfast to the truth that love is all there is, applying this in all aspects of your lives, you are greatly contributing to this ever expanding reality.  It is all based on belief and your perception in every given moment.  When you hold only love and compassion for yourselves, first and foremost, and for others, this sets up a hologram that is of Divine Mother, the Goddess… however you wish to behold the grand experiment, which is taking on a life of its own. 

We had all wished to see those who are playing the role of the dark to give up the game long ago.  Yet, they became so entranced and locked into the world of form and, all the while, feeling less and less worthy, which is the crux of the matter.  Unlike humans, they do not have emotions or the ability to experience life as you do and, through their misguided beliefs, have become reliant on feeding off of the energy of others. This, in truth, is not unique to them, for humans have also become accustomed to this pattern in subtle or not so subtle ways.

To be sovereign is a new concept for them and one that they have resisted, not understanding that their journey has the same potential of returning to the One. 

Humanity is also unique in that you embody an encodement that is part of your genetic makeup.  Through the power of love and yes, compassion, you all have the potential for coming to the full expression of the divine feminine and your true essence, which is your blueprint of perfection and how you were created.  

You are also aware that the history of this planet entails a time when some females, who were not aligned with the divine feminine, were less than honoring of the males, viewing them as possessions, mere toys and even treated them as slaves.  This memory is held within the minds of the lost souls that some refer to as the dark ones and has greatly contributed to the war game and their desire to crush, not only the females on this planet but the males as well, who also embody this encodement.

If only they could see the greater plan that serves all and move beyond their thirst for power and greed.  This is where you and others come in for, as you bring resolution to experiences that you have had as a result of the programming of the patriarchal powers that have ruled this planet….allowing your emotions, feeling anger, pain, anguish and even despair and, in that moment, call forth the greater truth, you raise your vibration and that of all of consciousness.

How could you ever be less than love?  You simply bought into the game and are now choosing to return home.  As more and more of you awaken from the dream and say, “No more!” the game is up.  For those who have chosen to interfere with the destiny of this planet, of becoming a sun and later a blue star and inhabiting a race that is of love, creativity, and pure joy, they have nowhere to go…not here, not on this planet!

We have already discussed the prevalence of sibling rivalry and wish to emphasize the need for  true humility, even among some who you refer to as light workers.  Like you, through programming, many have been more honoring and acknowledging of others than themselves.  Knowing your own magnificence and that of others leaves no room for measuring or comparing, freeing each of you to live your truth, in oneness.  Honoring and blessing the divinity and perfection of all of life is the way, the truth and the life for all whose hearts are open to embrace and live that truth in allowance, acceptance, acknowledgment and appreciation for Self and All That Is.

We cannot overstate the importance of allowing your emotions to surface, remembering that you are greater than your experiences.  Calling forth the truth, which is love, in every situation, sets you and all of humanity free as you take back your power, leaving those with their own agenda powerless.  This is always and ever your greatest tool.

Do not be concerned for your loved ones for they too are receiving much assistance and are finding their way, in their own readiness.

The greatest gift you give them and all of life is to remain balanced and in harmony, harming no one, and seeing beyond the outer appearances into the true essence and divinity in every soul and in all things.  

When you enter into global mediation with others who are holding a vision of peace, joy, and freedom for the higher dimensional experience that many are calling New Earth, you are exponentially expanding the heart light that is so needed at this time…the now time, which is all that exists.

We suggest that you open your hearts to receive more and more, allowing your sun to bathe you in its radiant golden light.  Be in nature as much as possible and merge with your divine essence, filling your entire being and body with light and love, sending all that is not of love back to Infinite Source.  It is that simple yet requires your ongoing diligence and faith…yes, faith in yourself and the limitless possibilities that are ever at your fingertips.

We love you dearly and are ever but a breath away and happy to be of assistance.

J:  I am most grateful for your sharing.

I am ever reminded that we must reveal in order to heal.   And, as always, I honor and bless each of you for your courage to be here during these times of great transformation and your dedication to ever expand consciousness within and on this beloved planet, as we raise our vibration and live our truth as Beings of Love.   



© 2015  Jeannine Michaelson   Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission, on the condition that the content remain complete and intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

 Through self-love and acceptance we are reborn!






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Message for January 2015

For me, personally, the period just before and after the most recent full moon was the most challenging in this lifetime.  And I am reminded that the closer we come to merging with all that we are as multidimensional beings, the more the wounded part of Self that has participated in the human drama will highlight whatever pain that has yet to be acknowledged. 

After lifetimes of experiencing invalidation, during Christmas, I gifted myself and was blessed when speaking authentically with a loved one.  Detached from outcome or need for approval, I chose to address that which had never been acknowledged or brought to the light of day for healing within our shared experience.  As I embraced the truth that we are of the one heart, trusting that whatever is for my highest good serves others as well, she responded with understanding, loving kindness and compassion.  Though I had no expectation, in that moment, I felt heard and accepted and something shifted on the deepest levels of my being and body, releasing a deep wounding and pattern of allowing and accepting behavior that is less than respectful or appropriate and, at times, causes harm. In this moment, I am aware that this is occurring globally, as a collective.

Following our exchange and upon my return home, I began to integrate, aware of that aspect of Self that was holding onto the story.  Surrendering more and more to the push/pull within, as old thoughts and emotions vied for center stage, I experienced sleepless nights, ever reminding myself to practice non-judgment, non-resistance and non-attachment before returning to a state of peace. 

There are layers unraveling as we observe lifetimes of programming, with one very prevalent pattern of putting the needs of others before our own.  Throughout our Earth experience, we have repeatedly experienced those who have created an image of us that is of their own making and not the truth.  As a result of patriarchal indoctrination, most especially of the women on this planet, like a reflex, time and time again, we have silently turned the other cheek, focusing on forgiving and feeling compassion for others.  All the while, we have denied our own pain and deepened the wounding, which at its core, has to do with believing ourselves to be less than worthy.

Thus, just as Maleficent was portrayed in the beautiful film that was gifted to humanity this past year, we too know what it is to have our wings clipped, experiencing feelings related to betrayal and abandonment, anger and remorse and are coming face to face with whatever remains of our own emotional wounding and that of this entire planet, one more time.  For many who have taken on that which is not ours, it is time to let it all go, once and for all. 

No one said this would be easy.  And, though there has been interference causing delay by those who wish to perpetuate the game of duality and are doing their best to create chaos, the truth is being revealed and nothing and no one can reverse or alter the course and ascension of this beloved planet and all who are choosing to accompany her.  

Without any reference points, we are courageously venturing into unchartered waters and stepping through a threshold of opportunity that is ripe with limitless possibilities.  This calls for steadfast intention and diligence as we “wing it” with every turn in the road.  Finding amusement in this phrase, I am reminded that most everything is the opposite of how it appears or has been presented in the old reality.  In truth, we came to this planet fully equipped with all of our gifts, tools and wisdom to accomplish what is before us.  Thereby, we give new meaning to “winging it” by acknowledging that, when we consciously choose to follow our heart’s guidance in every moment, we spontaneously activate our own knowing and are able to fly free of the illusion of separation.

Feeling alone, like never before, by design and as part of our unfoldment, requiring that we fly solo, many of us are feeling the need to remain within as much as possible, creating dialogue with our inner child who is crying out for love, support, encouragement and assurance that all wounding from the past is no more.  Thus, it has been and may continue to be a time to unplug our phones and detach from our technology, giving full attention to those parts of Self that are still looking outside of ourselves for answers and to others for approval and validation, as we contemplate the subtle difference in energy between the two.  Forgiving ourselves and others for our humanness and for giving our power away, in full recognition that there is no “other,” we are releasing all experiences that have caused us pain and letting go of relationships with those we have journeyed with for lifetimes. 

This feeling of emptiness is evidence that we are succeeding with creating a vacuum in which to now fill our cup to overflowing with our own self-love, trust, faith and pure joy, as we fortify our foundation and imprint and live a more expanded truth.  With greater strength, compassion and certainty, like Maleficent, we are rebirthing our innocence and finding our wings. This is required of each of us now as we embrace ourselves within, knowing that all is added unto us when we acknowledge ourselves as the king and the kingdom or Goddess of our domain, which resides within our heart.

We are each finding our way to that which is most appropriate in every given moment and in our own readiness, accepting those in our lives who are less than receptive to an authentic exchange.  Acknowledging their pain and blessing them and their contribution to our Earth experience, frees us both and all of humanity.  Whether we do this verbally or energetically, this is the divine application of greater truth that is so needed at this time.  To be a sovereign being requires that we release all moorings and all that binds us to our past, standing tall in our own love, and knowing that that will sustain us, no matter what be occurring with others or in our outer world.  

After a year of deep emotional release, our physical bodies are in need of cleansing, detoxing a buildup of old energy which we have accumulated in this lifetime and others.  Many are finding this helpful, even necessary, as we set our intention to activate our 12 strand DNA and regenerate our being and body with our upgraded blueprint of perfection.  This naturally occurs as we choose to love ourselves and all that is, beyond measure.  In so doing, we are weaving a fabric of ancient truth, harmony, balance and wisdom which emanates to all of consciousness.   

For those who may resonate, I wish to share a message I received from Mother Mary during those moments of challenge when I asked for her assistance with understanding the discomfort in my solar plexus.  If this is true for me, I trust it will be helpful for you as well, knowing that we are all one.       

“Beloved, feel the love in this room and the acknowledgment of you for the choices you have made regarding the release of all limitation that has been your experience on the earth plane.  You are beauty itself and abundance as well and, through your own beingness, you embody all that is of Source light and love.  There has never been a time when you have disappointed Source and this is something that we wish for you to take into your heart.  All of the times that you have judged yourself, feeling that you had not measured up…that is what you are feeling in your solar plexus.  It is time, beloved, to let that all go.  As you observe your body, you are aware when your inner child is feeling the need to protect yourself.  When you know who you are, you no longer have need to monitor your surroundings or to put up a shield, as it were. As an empath this has been a challenge for you and many others yet, this is all part of the shift in consciousness.  And it is time to transcend all that sabotages the fulfillment of your purpose and destiny and all that you designed for in this lifetime.  

As you have heard, being aware of something allows you to go more deeply into the core or root of the belief that has held you in a state of uncertainty.  When you are in the knowing of who you are, you are simply open and receptive to whatever comes your way, recognizing everything as love and yes, seeing all in divinity.  You have experienced this and know it to be true. This is the Law of One that is your birthright and that which you are now choosing as your reality in every now moment.”

There are times when I have no words nor do I feel the need for them.  Yet, I am also aware that, as we merge our physical and spiritual being, ever raising our vibration, through our thoughts, words and actions, we uplift all of life, allowing for divine inspiration and He/She who sent us to work through us in every given moment.  Thus, I feel only gratitude to be here now, sharing this monumental and transformative time with all of you, loving, honoring and blessing each of us for our great love for Gaia, our courage and dedication to the light and for remembering to laugh, often.      

With so many versions of the truth and others offering their gifts, it is imperative that we honor our own, remembering that there is no one and nothing outside of Self that has greater understanding or knowing than we have of ourselves.  All that that we require and desire is within us, awaiting our realization.

The infinite love and depth of wisdom that we each embody as multidimensional beings shall prevail and is all there truly is.  Encompassing the full spectrum of our spiritual journey and soul’s evolution, we are coming full circle, ever expanding our heart light as we allow, accept, acknowledge and grow in appreciation for all that we be, have ever been and are to become in the present moment. That is the great gift we give ourselves and all of creation!  

With love and gratitude for your presence on the Earth at this time when all of our love and gifts are needed, I wish you and your loved ones miracles, magic and blessings and all that your heart holds as dear in 2015 and beyond!



© 2015  Jeannine Michaelson   Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission, on the condition that the content remain complete and intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

Through self-love and acceptance we are reborn!


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