Message for November 2015

After several months immersed in completing my book, “My Life Is My Masterpiece – Giving Wings to the Human Condition,” feeling like I was in “no time” and what may be described as zero point, since the summer Solstice I have been experiencing going in and out of dimensions, with an impression of time speeding up and in other moments, seemingly at a standstill.  Though my two soul sisters who gifted me with reading my story continued to ask for the final chapter, my guidance was that more was forthcoming.  In the meantime, in spite of the resistance I initially felt in delaying the completion of my project, I began to see the gift in shifting from third to first person, allowing for deeper heart revelations and more self-empowerment.  With other profound initiations, epiphanies and changes in my life over the past few months, including my reunion and the beginning of a whole new cycle with my beloved partner, I am just now returning to my website and sharing this message.  Letting go of all agenda, I trust that all is in divine perfection as I allow, accept, acknowledge and feel deeper appreciation for myself and all that is unfolding.  That is always and ever my wish for each of you as well. 

With the ever intensifying energies on the Earth, following the Blood Moon, eclipses and ongoing solar flares as the unraveling of truth and expansion of consciousness accelerates on this beloved planet, I am continually reminded to let go of all preconceived ideas I have held about myself and the reality we have resided in for so long.  Though for the past few years I have chosen to detach from the outer world for the most part, this past year I have felt guided to educate myself as to the true history of this beautiful blue planet, as more and more truth is shared.  Viewing my personal life as the microcosm of the macrocosm, I am aware of the importance of revealing the lies in order to embrace the greater truth that we are all one, which is not always easy or comfortable yet a necessary piece of the puzzle and our unfoldment.

With a plethora of information and many versions of the truth being shared through the internet and elsewhere, I have been guided to that which has expanded my awareness.  All the while, no matter the challenges that are inherent in unraveling falsehoods, I contemplate this pivotal moment in our evolution and that of this beloved planet, recognizing the profound choice that is before us and the gift that we are to all of creation.  We are each having our own experience as we allow the old reference points and remnants of old ways of being to fall away and continue to hear the importance of allowing our hearts to guide us.  Yet it is the balance of the masculine and feminine within, practicing compassion and discernment in equal measure that is required in order to make empowered choice that serves us and the highest good of all.  All the while, reminding ourselves that love is all there is and everything else perception is key to our well-being.

Choosing to view all that is transpiring in our global community through the eyes of love is our empowerment and that which will sustain us through these times of great transformation.  Being true to Self and saying “no” to that which does not serve us in our personal lives and that which we find unacceptable in our outer world, we, as a collective, are taking our power back and, in so doing, shifting matter.  To whatever degree we observe this is dependent on our perception and what we believe in the moment.  Thus, we are the only ones who can turn the tide and, gratefully, though it may not always appear to be so, we have already made empowered choice and are, each in our own readiness, co-creating a whole new reality that honors all of life.  We receive according to our belief and now, like never before, we are being asked to love, trust, have faith and feel the joy within our hearts, as we hold a vision of New Earth and all that makes our hearts sing. 

These are not new words, yet it is through repetition, serving as a reminder to one another to embrace and live our truth, which requires that we turn a blind eye to that which we have been taught to believe and is but an illusion.  We each have a purpose and unique expression of love to share and, like  never before, there are those who are courageously lending their voice as “whistle blowers,” revealing that which has been hidden until now, thereby freeing humanity from past programming and beliefs that have held us hostage. It is for each of us to find our way to that which most resonates and, in divine perfection, allowing for the deep healing that is required, every day there are more blessed souls stepping up to the plate, sharing much needed spiritual abilities and gifts, ever contributing to the expansion of unity consciousness and our true essence.  Thus, the dance continues, as we remain as neutral as possible to the seeming chaos, serving as the calm amidst the storm, blessing everyone and everything and all experience and, in gratitude, keep our hearts open to receive miracles, magic and “aha’s” along the way.

We are the authority in our lives as to what we think, believe and choose to act upon.  And, as we align our minds and hearts with higher truth, owning our divinity and oneness with the Infinite Source of all that is, we are growing in confidence and the knowing (remembering) that we have full capability of shifting timelines and co-creating New Earth, where all of life is honored.  This is why we have come and why we are here now, to take back our power, letting go of all conditioned mind patterns and programming from the past, freeing us to go through the eye of the needle and the gateway to our freedom.  It is simple truth!  With each choice we make to embrace love over fear, we ascend to a higher vibration and state of consciousness.  This is our birthright and destiny and the time is now!

In full remembrance of our true identity and the Law of One, I bless us all!

Love, love and more love,


© 2015  Jeannine Michaelson   Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission, on the condition that the content remain complete and intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

Through self-love and acceptance we are reborn!    


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