Message for April

We are living at a time that is unprecedented on this beloved planet and discovering that most everything is nearly the opposite of how it appears and what we were taught to believe.  In order to heal, we must first reveal and, as disclosures of untruths multiply each day, old reference points and the very foundation of the reality that we have been residing in for so long is crumbling before our eyes.  There can be no denying that we are on the brink of a major disruption of the status quo and all that has been familiar, prompting many more to awaken from their slumber.  Letting go all preconceived ideas we have ever held about ourselves and the world as we have known it, we are creating new openings for limitless possibilities.

What we choose to perceive, in any given moment, either allows us to soar to greater heights of self-awareness, embracing all that is transpiring as divine and in perfection or, takes us to the depths of despair.  It is all a choice.  Rather than viewing ourselves as victims and small, it is time, like never before, to be fearless and hold steadfast to our true identity and what we know to be real and true – that love is all there is and everything else perception!  

With so many versions of the truth being shared on the internet and elsewhere, many are feeling overwhelmed and confused and the temptation to go outside of self for the answers is pronounced.  This calls to mind and heart an analogy that Mother Mary shared with me some years ago.  Likening what is occurring to a cake baking contest, after sampling many desserts, we inevitably lose our sense of taste.  Her suggestion was that we instead, focus on creating our own recipe, thereby relying on and strengthening our own knowing as we bring forth our own unique expression of love. 

Given that we have all come with gifts to share, like playing “blind man’s bluff” and no longer seeing through our human eyes, as we allow our hearts to guide us every step, we naturally attract that which is most resonant. This is the true marriage of mind and heart that is so needed now. 

With all of the Earth-shattering revelations and breakdown of all that does not serve the highest good for all of life on this planet and beyond, we are reminded to focus our attention on the four cornerstones of our new foundation.  Self-love and trust, our two wings, faith, giving us the courage to lift off as we venture into the unknown, and joy, the wind beneath our wings. In so doing, only then are we able to be the calm amidst the storm, with ease and grace, flying wing to wing with others, in true collaboration, as we co-create a new reality that is based on the Law of One.

We are greater than our experiences and, as I near the end of writing my life’s story, I am aware of the process, entailing what I refer to as the four A’s.  Again, four, which is a balancing number incorporating allowance, acceptance, acknowledgment and appreciation, which encapsulates our journey and relationship with Self – “to know thyself.”  Merging all aspects of our being, we come full circle, in wholeness, with that which we are and have ever been in our true essence. 

I say to my fellow travelers, take heart and know that all is well, no matter the outer appearances.  This is the last leg of a very long and, at times, challenging experience and, as we join together and align our hearts and minds with the one heart and mind, treasuring ourselves through and through and acknowledging every experience as infinitely sacred, no harm can come to us.   

May your every now moment be filled with miracles, magic and blessings and may you ever remember that you are loved beyond measure.

Bless us all!

Love, love and more love,


© 2015  Jeannine Michaelson   Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission, on the condition that the content remain complete and intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

Through self-love and acceptance we are reborn!





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